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Sports City

The majority of holidaymakers to Torrevieja are here to relax, soak up the sun, take in the sights and enjoy the many activities and attractions the city has to offer. Evenings are spent wining and dining in the hundreds of bars and restaurants and maybe dancing until the early hours in one of the city’s lively night clubs. In general, Spanish cuisine and that of most Mediterranean countries is healthy and includes a lot of fresh fish, fruit, vegetables and condiments such as good quality olive oil and herbs. This being said, it is a shame many holidaymakers are not more adventurous and tend to stick with food from their home countries that, combined with the fair bit of drinking involved when on holiday, can put on the pounds. Not only is the Spanish diet healthy, but the way of life too includes a lot of outdoor sporting activities and exercise due to the excellent weather. With many of Torrevieja’s residents only finishing work after 6pm, the city’s sports centres tend to stay open quite late.

For visitors who like to combine their holiday indulgences with a bit of exercise, the amazing Torrevieja Sports City will have you spoilt for choice. The entire indoor complex, and vast surrounding playing fields and courts have been designed and equipped to international standard and the venue plays host to many sporting events and competitions. Sports City includes the Vicente Garcia municipal football stadium that is the home ground of the mighty FC Torrevieja. There is also the artificially turfed Nelson Mandela stadium that includes 4 adaptable football pitches that can be used for both 11 a side and 7 a side matches and practice sessions. The stadium is also the training area and match venue for a selection of local and regional rugby teams.

A complete range of athletic disciplines can be enjoyed at the superb Daniel Plaza athletics field that is surrounded by a 400 metre running track with 8 lanes and facilities for water obstacles and hurdles. There are spectator seating areas around the field as well as change rooms and ablutions. With an impressive central competition court and a further 10 training and leisure courts, tennis enthusiasts will be thrilled at the excellent condition and facilities of Sports City’s racquet area. In addition to the tennis facilities there are 7 padel courts, sort of a mix of tennis, racketball and squash that uses a large bat, similar to the ones you see people playing with on the beach. There are 2 competition standard squash courts, and for the brave, 2 all weather pelota courts. Considered the national sport in Valencia, pelota is predominantly a Spanish and Latin American sport recognised as the fastest game on earth. Also similar to squash, the racquet or basket used to throw the ball in some disciplines of the sport, can propel it at speeds in excess of 300km / hour !!

Swimming and water fitness classes such as aquarobics are popular ways to keep fit and Sports City has 3 pools for visitors to enjoy. There are 2 outdoor pools, an 8 lane one for competition and training as well as leisure, and a smaller one used for swimming lessons, group classes and rehabilitation sessions. The fantastic, modern indoor complex is home to a heated Olympic size swimming pool with a grandstand area for competition spectators. There is a large gymnasium and training areas for martial arts and gymnastics as well as a multi-purpose central court that is adaptable for a whole host of indoor sports including athletics, basketball, volleyball, indoor football, handball and badminton.

As one would expect from a facility of this standard, the complex houses ample changing rooms and ablutions for competing teams, medical facilities, VIP, press and conference rooms, and a large cafeteria area serving a selection of snacks and refreshments. Sports City is open to the public all year round from 09.00am to 09.00pm, Monday to Saturday.

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