Tapas Tours

Probably one of the most well known Spanish traditions is to enjoy a tapas when ordering a drink in a bar. As is the case in other countries around the world, the Spanish believe that some form of food should be eaten when drinking alcohol, even if it’s just a small snack. Aside from its popularity as a holiday destination, the coastal city of Torrevieja is predominantly Spanish and tapas bars can be found on practically every street corner. Sadly, many visitors to Spain avoid tapas bars, mainly due to the language barrier and the fact that they don’t know what they’re being served. Going on Tapas Tours is an excellent introduction to these tasty snacks and makes it a lot easier for visitors to find the various bars and know what’s on offer.

Throughout the country, especially during the summer months, various towns and cities organise tapas tours, some elaborate affairs with large groups of participants and tour guides, and others more relaxed without tour guides, where participants can pick which bars they wish to visit and spend as much time as they like enjoying their drinks and tapas. These different tours appeal to a variety of age groups and the ones held in party cities such as Ibiza, Magaluf and Benidorm can be lively affairs, more similar to a ”pub crawl” with everyone, including the tour guide egging each other on to drink quicker in order to get as many bars in as possible.

Each year the Hospitality Association Of Torrevieja organise two Tapas Tours in and around the city. These are usually held in April and November when the weather is a bit cooler and walking from bar to bar is not too taxing. There are no real rules to these tours and they don’t have tour guides, making for a pleasant evening getting to know the hidden little gems the city has to offer. The itinerary consists of a numbered list of the bars that are participating (each bar has a sign on their door with their map number), what tapas they offer and a map with each bar’s location marked with their number. The itinerary can be downloaded from the associations website, collected from the main Tourist Information Bureau or anyone interested can just head down to the main city beach (Playa del Cura) and collect an itinerary from the first bar they come across that has a tour number displayed.

This years first tour was from 21st to 24th April and 28th April to 1st May and included a whopping 46 bars (if anyone has done all 46 bars please let us know !!) There is no set route or amount of people taking part, indeed you can do the tour on your own and meet fellow participants along the way. Each bar has a choice of at least 2 tapas and a small beer, wine or soft drink is included in the 2.50€ price. Each bar is meant to offer 2 types of tapa, Traditional or Tapa de Autor (signature tapa) although some will only have traditional and others only autor, but who cares when you have 46 bars and over 100 different tapas to choose from. Part of the itinerary includes a competition form that you get stamped at each bar, and once you have 10 stamps (some bars stamp your form twice) you fill in your details along with your 2 favourite tapas and the form is entered into a prize draw. The bars also benefit by taking part as it gives them recognition and the chance of publicity and free advertising if they are the winning bar with the most votes for their tapas.