Gaming Bars In Torrevieja

Many of us when on holiday make sure we have enough money to enjoy certain luxuries we wouldn’t have in our usual day to day lives, such as wining & dining every night and maybe a visit to a casino to try our luck on the games of chance. We work hard all year and why shouldn’t we enjoy the fruits of our labour. For some, their luxury is to visit as many places as possible, get out there and explore this fascinating world we live in, hop from country to country embracing the different cultures and, in the case of backpacking, living on a shoestring. I have thoroughly enjoyed my backpacking days and have seen many countries with next to nothing in my pocket, but priorities change as we get older, and for most, a couple of weeks lying on a sunny beach with a cocktail in hand, will do just fine.

You may ask, what are gaming bars in Torrevieja all about ? Well, although casinos are legal in Spain, there are very few on the Costa Blanca and only one in Torrevieja. Many a tourist have had a bit of a shock when, seeing a sign saying Club Casino, decide to see if their luck is in, and upon entering the establishment are greeted by a club full of scantily clad women !! Don’t ask me why, but I can only surmise the reason these ”Adult Clubs” call themselves a casino is to cover up the shenanigans that really go on inside. Another establishment in the centre of the city called Sociedad Cultural Casino, is in fact a very exclusive cultural centre and social club where the city’s top businessmen and politicians enjoy theatre and opera.

Gaming bars in Torrevieja are called ”Juegging” which roughly translates to gaming. They are dotted around the city and are easily recognised by their distinctive lime green and black signs. They vary in size but will usually have a bar, seating areas and various gaming machines such as roulette, blackjack and poker. There are also electronic terminals to place bets on a wide range of sports like horse racing, football and greyhound racing. As is the case in gambling establishments around the world, the motto is to keep the customer spending and they all offer incentives such as free coffee and snacks, as well as reasonably priced drinks. I have visited 2 in my short time living in Torrevieja, the first is on Av. de las Habaneras, between the Consum and Mercadona supermarkets that is dimly lit, fairly large and has its share of vacant eyed hopefuls. In total contrast, the other is bright and cheery, spotlessly clean and I was served a couple of huge grilled prawns, free with my drink order. This one can be found on Calle Paris, where the road forks and becomes Calle la Calera and Calle Salinero.